The Sweetest Sounds

He had spent the last two hours worshiping every part of my body, from the most erotic to the most overlooked. After every orgasm as I fought to catch my breath he would push me higher and higher into ecstasy. As sweet as my pleasure was I was dying to get my hands, my mouth on him, and I knew he craved my touch just as much. I love the taste of his skin, how it feels under my lips, how his stomach contracts when I run my tongue around his belly button. I try to take my time, to go slowly, really draw it out, but I am more eager than he is for the moment when I can wrap my mouth around him. I swirl his precum around the head and suck him deep to the back of my throat. Even though I have come more times than I can count, the sound of his moans sends a tremor straight to my core. It doesn't take long before I can feel his balls tighten and he fills my mouth with his seed.

As he lays panting, basking in the afterglow of his orgasm, I lay my head on his chest and throw my leg over his thigh. This is when I feel closest to him, covered in sweat and cum listening to the sound of his heartbeat.