Tied Down

She was screaming again. Her arms tied above her hands and her legs spread eagle, each ankle tied down to the corners of the table as her naked body arched up again. She was riding and bucking against the dildo almost at her peak when I slipped it from her body. Her screams turned into moans of frustration and her body weeped, making her clit glisten. I cupped her with my palms, trying to calm her flesh. She was breathing heavily and still rocking herself against the table. I waited a couple minutes until i turned on the vibrating bullet and pressed it onto her clit, and her screaming began anew. It had been over thirty minutes that I had been playing with her, bringing her to the brink countless times just to stop right as she reached the edge. This time I let her get close almost to climax before I turned it off, and she began in screaming in frustration. I knew she would only make it one more time before I let her come, so I leaned down and licked slowly all the way up her lips and she ground into my face as I tasted all the wetness my torture had caused. This caused my already damp panties to become soaked. This time I slid a dildo inside her and felt her inner muscles clench tight and I put the bullet on her clit and cranked it up. Her screams began anew and she bucked wildly, begging me for more. Her come lasted forever, until finally she was begging me to release her. I turned off the vibe and slid out the dildo. She lay limp and spent on my table. I untied her but she didnt move, and I waited patiently for her to regain her strength, knowing that soon it would be my turn.