A Pleasure Cruise

I'm driving down the road, on my way to see him. I can't sit still because the throbbing between my legs is distracting and no matter how I sit I can't help but grind myself down on the seat. The pressure isnt enough. I am consumed with thoughts of his fingers inside me, sliding inside me, rubbing. His tongue swirling and a slight pull on my clit. My hand is sliding up my thigh, pushing my skirt higher up. I push my panties aside and cup myself, grinding against my hand. I'm too far gone to tease, I push a finger inside, gasping as I graze my clit. I frantically look outside my window wondering if anyone can see me, until I decide that it no longer matters if anyone can see me, because the way my fingers feel against me makes me bolder. Now I'm hoping someone can see, that someone is watching my fingers working inside me and the look of pleasure on my face. The thought pushes me over the edge and ride my hand as my orgasm crests. I pull my hand out from under my skirt thinking that there is no way he won't be able to smell sex on me. Not that he would mind.