Part One

She slid the key in the lock, pushing open the door, trying to balance the groceries with her cup of coffee. She slammed it behind her and walked into the kitchen. It had been such a long day, full of meetings and conference calls. As she put the milk in the fridge she could hear a hot shower calling her name. It was the perfect thing to relax her muscles after her stressful day. Well, the second best thing anyways. But she hadn't had a good roll in the hay in.. too long.
As she turned the water on in the shower, she glanced at the window that looked out over the alley between her building and the next. What was meant to be a cursory glance turned into a stare when she noticed a man standing in the bathroom of the apartment across the street. She had never noticed anyone living there, and he was definitely a man she would have noticed. He was stunning. Tall, muscular, with the kind of face that dreams were made of. Where had he come from? And how could she convince her eyes to move from his perfectly naked body?
Oh shit! He just caught her staring at him. He had incredible eyes, warm and dark, like melted chocolate. He grinned and she tried to control the blush she could feel warming her face. She half waved and then immediately regretted the action. What was she doing waving at a perfect stranger? A beautiful and incredibly handsome stranger, but still a stranger. She can see through the window that he is laughing at her and he waves back. His smile made her stomach quivery. She tried to block him from her mind as she began to take off her clothes. She stepped into the shower, and realized that she could still see her neighbor from in the shower. Could he see her? And if he could, did he like what he saw?
God, she must be desperate if she was trying to entice the strange man across the street. As she rinsed her hair, she couldn't help but peek a look at the man across the street. What she saw made her mouth go dry. His head was leaned back, his body pressed against the tile and his right hand wrapped around his cock. Watching his hand slide up and down shot ribbons of heat to her core. As she tried to control her reactions, his head dropped down and he locked eyes with her. She could see the passion and lust clouding his eyes and every female part of her responded. He grinned, and there was a challenge in his eyes. She was not the type of woman to play these kinds of games, she did not engage in dirty play with a stranger! Then why was her hand absently rubbing her breast, circling her nipple.
Her nipples were hard, she was warm and flushed and she could feel the wetness between her legs. She knew what she was doing was wrong, that her fingers shouldn't be pinching her nipples, but she was overcome with the need to touch herself, to know he was watching. Enjoying. She slid her hand down and cupped herself, and she watched the muscles in his jaw tighten. A rush of power went through her and she felt bold, sexy. She slid a finger between her lips and she pressed into her wetness. She couldn't contain her moan and by the look on his face she could tell he knew she was moaning, knew how much she was enjoying her fingers inside her. His hand was moving faster over himself, his breath coming faster too. Her own fingers moving over her clit began to circle faster. She wished she could prolong it, draw out the sweet torture, but she knew she was seconds away from orgasm. She closed her eyes and let it wash over her, unable to control her hips from rocking forward in imitation of the fucking she so desperately craved. She drew in a shuddering breath, shocked at how amazing her climax had been. It took her a few seconds to collect herself enough to open her eyes, but when she looked up to see her friend across the street, but he wasn't there. Where had he gone? She stepped out of the shower, and as she grabbed her robe she wondered what had happened to him.
Ding!! The doorbell rang, and she walked to the door, still pondering what had just happened. She opened it and let out a squeal as her neighbor from across the street grinned and stepped inside.