Taking turns.

She was beautiful. Laying there naked, with her legs open so I could sit between them. Her nipples were hard from where I had been playing with them, pinching them, rolling them between my fingers, flicking them with my tongue. I had worked my way down her body, stopping to nibble on her hip, and kissing my way to her thighs.

I was pressing my lips to her inner thigh and I could see how wet she was, as she tried to angle her pussy closer to my mouth. I switched to the other thigh, letting my breath fall for a moment on her open pussy, and my own clenched in response. I kissed my way towards her core, and used my fingers to open her. I slid a finger along the opening and she gasped and bucked when I reached her clit. I rubbed it with my thumb, and slid a finger inside. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight. I could feel my own clit throbbing, and I leaned in and used the tip of my tongue to flick it.

Then big broad strokes in rhythm with the pumping of my fingers. In, out. Up, down. Her hips were rocking towards me, pushing her hard against my face. I wrapped my tongue around her clit and sucked gently. I could hear her getting louder, her movements getting quicker. As she let out a long moan, I could feel her walls clench around my fingers and gave her one more light pull. I slid my fingers out and reached them up towards her face, and slid them into her mouth, where she noisily sucked. My turn.