Driving me Crazy.

I love the feel of his weight on me, his hips pressed into mine. My legs open to cradle hims. I know he loves it when I slide my legs up and down his, he loves it when I wrap my legs around his waist and he can feel my wetness against his hardness. His hands are everywhere, caressing my hips, brushing my nipples and causing goosebumps to spread all over my arms. I start to move my hips, trying to get him inside me. He pulls away, causing me to growl in frustration. He kisses down my neck, stopping at my breast; sucking, licking and taking little nips that he knows drive me crazy. My legs are moving restlessly against him, I push my hips up to brush against him.

"Come on, baby. Please"

He ignores me and kisses his way down my stomach, stopping a couple times to nip or suck on my skin. My hips are moving on their own now, urging him to push into me but he continues to move slowly to my thighs. He nuzzles between my legs before he takes a long lick at my core. I start to shake and I am begging him to please take me. He just keeps licking, using his tongue to drive me crazy. He takes a long draw on my clit and sends me crashing over the edge. My orgasm rips through me and I know I am digging my nails into his back but I can't stop. He pulls his head up and kisses my thighs, my hips.

I know hes not done with me, I can feel his hard cock lying against my thigh and I reach down to grip it. Now hes the one moaning. He removes my hand and I open my legs to invite him in but he just grins. He grasps my hips and turns me over so I am lying on my stomach. And then he finally slids my legs apart and enters me. I can feel his weight on me, pushing me into the bed, making me grind against it. His mouth on my neck was making me crazy, and I could feel his pace pick up, a sign that he is close. I started to rock back against him as he thrusted forward and the motion made us both moan. A couple more thrusts and he was cumming inside me, and his frantic speed forced my own orgasm. He collapsed onto me and I embraced his familiar weight. He kissed my neck and shoulders and I smiled into the pillow.