Whenever it thunderstorms I always think that I should be having sex. Intense, sweaty, LOUD sex, with a beautiful guy who feels that dark energy along with me.

Am I the only one who gets turned on by pouring rain and crashing thunder? Hmm.

Panties around my ankles.

I was bent over the counter and he was standing behind me. He slid his hands up my skirt till he was gripping my ass. He started to pull my silk underwear down, they were momentarily stuck where my wetness had glued them to me. He didn't take them all the way off, leaving them hanging around my left ankle. It added a wantonness that left me breathless. He kissed my shoulder, my neck, letting his lips trail down to where he had lifted my dress to kiss my hips and my ass. He went down on his knees and forced my legs apart.

I started to protest until he whispered "shhh." All my weight was pressed onto the counter as I tried to hold my legs where they were, but the tile was slippery and I kept having to reposition myself. He put his hands on either thigh and kissed the back of each knee, moving up till he was a breath away from my core. He blew softly on me and the cool air on my hot cunt made me gush. My knees started to buckle. And then he dove in, slipping his tongue inside to suck on my clit. I could barely keep myself from bucking into the counter. His hands on my legs holding them apart and the dirtyness of him eating me out from behind brought me to the edge quickly. He slipped a finger inside me and it in seconds i was screaming through my orgasm, my hips grinding into him.

I was catching my breath as he stood and unzipped his pants. He turned me around and lifted me until I sat onto the counter and leaned me back. He pulled me to the edge, and positioned my feet to rest on his shoulders. He kissed the inside of my thigh and then entered me quickly with one quick thrust. His hands on my hips pulled me towards him with each thrust and I held onto the sides of the counter for leverage. He felt so good inside me, almost on the edge of too big, I could feel him stretch me, and I could feel every ridge as he slammed into me.

"Oh god, I'm coming, come with me baby." He reached down and began rubbing my clit in circles with his thumb. I started skaking as my second orgasm rocked me, and he thrust for the last time groaning as he came. My legs dropped to the counter and he laid his head on my stomach as we both struggled for breath.