Just a taste..

Wow.. I cannot believe it has been so long since I have last posted. I have had a lot of personal stuff going on, and my sex drive has been (tragically) put on the back burner. But I have a few posts brewing and I will be back soon with something! But until then heres a little taste:

I could feel his warm cum sliding between my legs. All my dirty girl instincts were screaming to slide my fingers between my legs and taste him, but I knew I had to wait for his permission. He massaged his cum into my legs making me squirm and then he finally brought his fingers to my mouth where I sucked greedily on his fingers, slurping up every bit of his cum.

I know what you did last night.

I slowly open myself, just barely grazing my clit with my fingertips. I slowly slide the bullet in, to rest just on top of my hardening nub. I tense around it in anticipation of the rush to come, waiting for the moment when I flick the switch and feel the first vibrations run through me. The first rush and I buck against the bed, trying to get closer to the sweetness coursing through me. I slowly increase the speed, rubbing myself in circular motions, barely holding my orgasm off. And as I speed up just a little bit, I lose my barely tethered hold on my control and I come with a moan and strangled breath, still moving in circles until every last bit of pleasure has been wrung from me.

Channeling Katy Perry

I have been having really hot girl on girl dreams lately with increasing frequency. They have all been about different girls, and different situations, but I always wake up soaking wet and craving the softness of a girl. Last night it was me and a gorgeous brunette who had a slightly exotic look and a tongue ring. Her face was between my thighs, using that tongue ring in a way that should be criminal. The dream was so good I came in my sleep, a lovely little treat that happens every once in a while. The more I dream about it, the more I think about looking for a girl to play with. I'm not sure if or when it will happen, but I really hope it lives up to these dreams : )