Bath time

I was sitting between his legs with my back against his chest and we were enjoying a warm bath. His hands were idly running up and down my stomach, making stops at the valley between my breasts and down to my thighs. The movement was causing waves in the water, making it slap against my inner thighs and the place between them. His hands were making circles on my thighs; I spread my legs open slightly in invitation but he didn't seem to notice. His hands slid up towards my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers and making me moan. He grasped each leg and lifted them so my feet rested on each ledge of the tub, leaving me wide open and the warm water hitting my core.
I laid my head back on his shoulder, and not being able to see heightened my awareness and made me more sensitive. His fingers brushed against my lips, only slightly dipping into my wetness. I could feel one finger slide inside and start rubbing my clit. Again my hips rocked, causing the water to hit me. One finger slid deep inside my cunt while his thumb continued to make circles on my clit. My fingers were digging into his thighs and I could feel him getting hard at the small of my back. His fingers were pumping into me in rhythm with the circles on my clit and I was grinding myself into his hand. I started coming in spasms, the rocking motions causing the water to splash against the sides of the tub. After a few moments my heart returned to normal, and I pulled my legs down and rubbed my hands down his legs. He was kissing my neck and whispering how sexy I looked as I came. I pulled myself up and stepped out of the tub. I turned around and held out my hand. He grabbed hold and we walked towards the bedroom.