Willing. Waiting.

He opened the door and I walked in with my head down, not knowing what would happen. He pulled me against his chest, so my back was pressed to his front. He slipped his hand down and cupped me. I barely held in a moan.
"Did you do as I asked? Did you leave your panties in the car?" He asked.
"Yes" I mumbled.
"Yes what?" he said sternly as he squeezed harder.
I bit my lips to keep from crying out as I said "Yes sir."

He pushed me forward till I was bent over the half wall in the hallway. He slid his hands up and down my thighs, and leaned down to nip on my shoulder. "Good girl" He said.

I didn't know what to expect. Would he just take me there on the wall, no games? Would he push me down to my knees so I could take him into my mouth? Before I even finished the thought I felt him push my legs apart and felt his fingers brush my ass before heading to my pussy where he softly brushed along my wet opening. I was shocked by the gentleness of his touch. He continued to slide his fingers up and down, my arousal growing. And then I felt the abrupt absence. I whimpered. And then smack, I felt his hand connect with my ass and I cried out. Smack, smack, smack. I was so wet it was running down my thighs but I didn't even notice. All I could feel was the throbbing coming from my cunt.

"Do you like that?" He whispered in my ear.
"Y-yes sir" I stammered.

Smack, smack. One right after another till I could feel the redness turn to heat. And then he slid two fingers inside me, fast and hard. My head dropped down as I struggled not to move. He never allowed me to buck or ride his fingers, he wanted me perfectly still. He didn't move for a moment, and I soon felt as if I would die if one of us didn't move. He kissed my shoulder at the same moment as he began to slide his fingers in and out. I couldn't help it, I jerked forward. He immediately pulled his fingers out and smacked me. Hard. I stilled. He slid his fingers back in and this time I managed not to move. He pumped harder and faster, while his other hand slid around to rub my clit. In seconds I was coming all over him, my hips bucking on their own, as I moaned his name. I knew I would pay for disobeying, but I didn't care, it had felt so good.

To be continued..