I slung my leg over your hips and straddled you. The lace from my lingerie brushing my thighs, and across your skin. I leaned down to brush my lips against yours and felt your cock jump between my thighs. I ran my hands up your arms, grabbed your hands and lifted them until they touched the wall behind your head.

I looked you in the eyes and said "Stay."

Your eyes flashed and your hips rocked and I smiled.

I kissed my way down your arms, your face. I flicked my tongue across your nipple, closed my lips around and bit down lightly. I tongued my way down your tattoo, licking my way down your ribs to your hips. I slid my tongue along the lines of your pelvis, knowing the next stop was your cock, dying to get there, but wanting to prolong the anticipation. I licked the top of your cock and glanced up to see your hands pull off the wall for a moment, but you quickly put them back. I slipped your whole cock into my mouth, swirling the tip with my tongue, taking deep pulls with my throat. I had been thinking about the way your cock tasted for days. The way your skin tasted under my tongue. The way your salty precum tastes, and the glorious way your cum would surge out of your cock, filling my mouth and throat. It was all I had thought about for days.

But I didn't let you come in my mouth, no matter how much I loved it, for there was something I wanted more. Your cock buried to the hilt in my cunt. The feeling of you burying deep, then sliding out, as I tightened to keep you inside. I slid up your body, trying to hold out for the moment where I would feel your dick slide into my body. With one last breath, I sat up, and slid down to fill myself with your cock. For a moment it was all I could do to accept your size, to feel you fill me.

Then I started to rock against you, the shocks of electricity as I rode your cock beneath me. The way the head felt as it rubbed against my insides. I felt my pace quicken, and I began to beg for you to fuck me. I could feel myself start to cum, my muscles clenching you as I came all over your dick. My cunt milking yours. I heard you call my name, felt your cock spasm inside me, felt your hot cum filling me up.

I collapsed against your chest, reaching up to pull your hands into me. I laid my head on your chest, feeling both our breaths hitch and placed a kiss on your chest.