I slung my leg over your hips and straddled you. The lace from my lingerie brushing my thighs, and across your skin. I leaned down to brush my lips against yours and felt your cock jump between my thighs. I ran my hands up your arms, grabbed your hands and lifted them until they touched the wall behind your head.

I looked you in the eyes and said "Stay."

Your eyes flashed and your hips rocked and I smiled.

I kissed my way down your arms, your face. I flicked my tongue across your nipple, closed my lips around and bit down lightly. I tongued my way down your tattoo, licking my way down your ribs to your hips. I slid my tongue along the lines of your pelvis, knowing the next stop was your cock, dying to get there, but wanting to prolong the anticipation. I licked the top of your cock and glanced up to see your hands pull off the wall for a moment, but you quickly put them back. I slipped your whole cock into my mouth, swirling the tip with my tongue, taking deep pulls with my throat. I had been thinking about the way your cock tasted for days. The way your skin tasted under my tongue. The way your salty precum tastes, and the glorious way your cum would surge out of your cock, filling my mouth and throat. It was all I had thought about for days.

But I didn't let you come in my mouth, no matter how much I loved it, for there was something I wanted more. Your cock buried to the hilt in my cunt. The feeling of you burying deep, then sliding out, as I tightened to keep you inside. I slid up your body, trying to hold out for the moment where I would feel your dick slide into my body. With one last breath, I sat up, and slid down to fill myself with your cock. For a moment it was all I could do to accept your size, to feel you fill me.

Then I started to rock against you, the shocks of electricity as I rode your cock beneath me. The way the head felt as it rubbed against my insides. I felt my pace quicken, and I began to beg for you to fuck me. I could feel myself start to cum, my muscles clenching you as I came all over your dick. My cunt milking yours. I heard you call my name, felt your cock spasm inside me, felt your hot cum filling me up.

I collapsed against your chest, reaching up to pull your hands into me. I laid my head on your chest, feeling both our breaths hitch and placed a kiss on your chest.

Taking turns.

She was beautiful. Laying there naked, with her legs open so I could sit between them. Her nipples were hard from where I had been playing with them, pinching them, rolling them between my fingers, flicking them with my tongue. I had worked my way down her body, stopping to nibble on her hip, and kissing my way to her thighs.

I was pressing my lips to her inner thigh and I could see how wet she was, as she tried to angle her pussy closer to my mouth. I switched to the other thigh, letting my breath fall for a moment on her open pussy, and my own clenched in response. I kissed my way towards her core, and used my fingers to open her. I slid a finger along the opening and she gasped and bucked when I reached her clit. I rubbed it with my thumb, and slid a finger inside. Her cunt was hot and wet and tight. I could feel my own clit throbbing, and I leaned in and used the tip of my tongue to flick it.

Then big broad strokes in rhythm with the pumping of my fingers. In, out. Up, down. Her hips were rocking towards me, pushing her hard against my face. I wrapped my tongue around her clit and sucked gently. I could hear her getting louder, her movements getting quicker. As she let out a long moan, I could feel her walls clench around my fingers and gave her one more light pull. I slid my fingers out and reached them up towards her face, and slid them into her mouth, where she noisily sucked. My turn.

Begging. Pleading.

He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked me around. He pushed me to his knees and demanded I take off his pants. This was his favorite punishment, but I always secretly enjoyed it. I unzipped his pants and pulled them down, and glanced up at his hard cock. Just looking at made me wet again. I knew if I did as he wanted, soon he would be inside me. So I took him into my mouth, running my tongue up and down the shaft and swirling at the tip.

"God, you love that don't you, you dirty little slut" he growled.

He used his grip on my hair to force himself farther down my throat. I licked and sucked until his breathing got shallow and his thrusts more forceful. He pulled himself out, and I waited for his next move.

Instead of pulling me up, he came down. He turned me over and pushed me onto all fours. I spread my legs as I felt him kneeling behind me. He rubbed his cock against my ass and I thought for a moment he would slide it in, but instead he continued on till he reached my pussy, where he slid in an inch. I could feel my insides clench around him, my cunt ready to be filled.

"Beg me" he said.
"Please, please" I said.
"Oh god, please, I".

Before I was done, he slid himself in and my sentence broke off as I enjoyed the sensation of fullness. He began to rock himself into me harder and faster and in no time at all my orgasm was building. He reached around and rubbed a circle around my nipple. Then he pinched it between his fingers, and that twinge of pain set me off. I could feel the spasms of my orgasm, and they forced his.

We collapsed onto the floor, with him laying behind me. He wrapped his arm around me and stroked my hair.

"You did great baby" he said.

Willing. Waiting.

He opened the door and I walked in with my head down, not knowing what would happen. He pulled me against his chest, so my back was pressed to his front. He slipped his hand down and cupped me. I barely held in a moan.
"Did you do as I asked? Did you leave your panties in the car?" He asked.
"Yes" I mumbled.
"Yes what?" he said sternly as he squeezed harder.
I bit my lips to keep from crying out as I said "Yes sir."

He pushed me forward till I was bent over the half wall in the hallway. He slid his hands up and down my thighs, and leaned down to nip on my shoulder. "Good girl" He said.

I didn't know what to expect. Would he just take me there on the wall, no games? Would he push me down to my knees so I could take him into my mouth? Before I even finished the thought I felt him push my legs apart and felt his fingers brush my ass before heading to my pussy where he softly brushed along my wet opening. I was shocked by the gentleness of his touch. He continued to slide his fingers up and down, my arousal growing. And then I felt the abrupt absence. I whimpered. And then smack, I felt his hand connect with my ass and I cried out. Smack, smack, smack. I was so wet it was running down my thighs but I didn't even notice. All I could feel was the throbbing coming from my cunt.

"Do you like that?" He whispered in my ear.
"Y-yes sir" I stammered.

Smack, smack. One right after another till I could feel the redness turn to heat. And then he slid two fingers inside me, fast and hard. My head dropped down as I struggled not to move. He never allowed me to buck or ride his fingers, he wanted me perfectly still. He didn't move for a moment, and I soon felt as if I would die if one of us didn't move. He kissed my shoulder at the same moment as he began to slide his fingers in and out. I couldn't help it, I jerked forward. He immediately pulled his fingers out and smacked me. Hard. I stilled. He slid his fingers back in and this time I managed not to move. He pumped harder and faster, while his other hand slid around to rub my clit. In seconds I was coming all over him, my hips bucking on their own, as I moaned his name. I knew I would pay for disobeying, but I didn't care, it had felt so good.

To be continued..


I am aching. My cunt is begging to be filled. With your fingers, your tongue, your cock. Oh god, cock. Hot and hard I want it to fill me, almost to the point of pain. I want to stretch to accept you, feel that sweet slide. Spread me wide and shove your hard dick into my wet, needy pussy. Even as I write this I spread my fingers over the dampness of my panties, craving...

Driving me Crazy.

I love the feel of his weight on me, his hips pressed into mine. My legs open to cradle hims. I know he loves it when I slide my legs up and down his, he loves it when I wrap my legs around his waist and he can feel my wetness against his hardness. His hands are everywhere, caressing my hips, brushing my nipples and causing goosebumps to spread all over my arms. I start to move my hips, trying to get him inside me. He pulls away, causing me to growl in frustration. He kisses down my neck, stopping at my breast; sucking, licking and taking little nips that he knows drive me crazy. My legs are moving restlessly against him, I push my hips up to brush against him.

"Come on, baby. Please"

He ignores me and kisses his way down my stomach, stopping a couple times to nip or suck on my skin. My hips are moving on their own now, urging him to push into me but he continues to move slowly to my thighs. He nuzzles between my legs before he takes a long lick at my core. I start to shake and I am begging him to please take me. He just keeps licking, using his tongue to drive me crazy. He takes a long draw on my clit and sends me crashing over the edge. My orgasm rips through me and I know I am digging my nails into his back but I can't stop. He pulls his head up and kisses my thighs, my hips.

I know hes not done with me, I can feel his hard cock lying against my thigh and I reach down to grip it. Now hes the one moaning. He removes my hand and I open my legs to invite him in but he just grins. He grasps my hips and turns me over so I am lying on my stomach. And then he finally slids my legs apart and enters me. I can feel his weight on me, pushing me into the bed, making me grind against it. His mouth on my neck was making me crazy, and I could feel his pace pick up, a sign that he is close. I started to rock back against him as he thrusted forward and the motion made us both moan. A couple more thrusts and he was cumming inside me, and his frantic speed forced my own orgasm. He collapsed onto me and I embraced his familiar weight. He kissed my neck and shoulders and I smiled into the pillow.

Bath time

I was sitting between his legs with my back against his chest and we were enjoying a warm bath. His hands were idly running up and down my stomach, making stops at the valley between my breasts and down to my thighs. The movement was causing waves in the water, making it slap against my inner thighs and the place between them. His hands were making circles on my thighs; I spread my legs open slightly in invitation but he didn't seem to notice. His hands slid up towards my breasts, rolling my nipples between his fingers and making me moan. He grasped each leg and lifted them so my feet rested on each ledge of the tub, leaving me wide open and the warm water hitting my core.
I laid my head back on his shoulder, and not being able to see heightened my awareness and made me more sensitive. His fingers brushed against my lips, only slightly dipping into my wetness. I could feel one finger slide inside and start rubbing my clit. Again my hips rocked, causing the water to hit me. One finger slid deep inside my cunt while his thumb continued to make circles on my clit. My fingers were digging into his thighs and I could feel him getting hard at the small of my back. His fingers were pumping into me in rhythm with the circles on my clit and I was grinding myself into his hand. I started coming in spasms, the rocking motions causing the water to splash against the sides of the tub. After a few moments my heart returned to normal, and I pulled my legs down and rubbed my hands down his legs. He was kissing my neck and whispering how sexy I looked as I came. I pulled myself up and stepped out of the tub. I turned around and held out my hand. He grabbed hold and we walked towards the bedroom.